Salo Wine & Spirits is a brokerage house that represents wine, spirits, craft beer, & mineral water.   Brokers, as intermediaries, are sales planners and sales closers. By working closely with the sales & management teams at the distributor, a quality broker can really help make a difference

Established in 2007, owners Anthony & Sheri Lane Salomone have embraced their position in the marketplace & have taken the portfolios they represent to new sales levels

Salo Wine & Spirits represents a diverse and impressive clientele with many prestigious, unique, and well-known brands.  If you are a supplier interested in joining Salo's Elite Clientele, please Contact Us or visit our Supplier page for more information

Anthony J. Salomone
is an accomplished sales and sales management professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Throughout Salomone's career, he has closely worked in concert with various California distributor houses, with extensive years working with and for Southern Wine & Spirits & Young's Market Company. These relationships have lent well to Salomone's expertise and talent, giving him a competitive edge. Salomone also has personal knowledge of and solid experience in dealing with the California Grocery and Club Channel buyers.
Sheri Lane Salomone
is an accomplished business owner & entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the business world. Sheri Lane has owned four successful businesses: Two retail storefronts, one wholesale clothing company, and one Graphic Design Company whose clients included Oscar De La Hoya and The Claremont Club. Her managerial & operational skill sets and vast marketing abilities work in tandem with Anthony's industry experiences allowing them together to build a quality business organization and professional sales team.

Salo Wine & Spirits provides focus and growth to its portfolio's brands via skill sets that are professional, personalized and aggressive.  Such skillsets will allow the portfolio's brands to be better represented at both the retail and distributor channels.

Salo Wine & Spirits will also strive to improve the bottom line of its portfolio's brands by enhancing and solidifying the partnership between the winery and distributor.


As a Master Broker, Salo Wine & Spirits has affiliations with a network of brokers across the country that can serve a brand's regional or national plans

Salo Wine & Spirits strong relationships with the following distributors

      •   Young's Market Company            •   Southern Wine & Spirits             •   Wine Warehouse                                                      •   The Henry Wine Group                  • Garvey Wine & Spirits                    • Classic Wines of California

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